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More About Lura

Let's begin with where it all started... Growing up, Lura loved watching cartoons and animation, and she always thought it would be just amazing to be that voice behind the television screen! It never really "clicked", however, that this could actually be a career path that was open for her... until she moved to Las Vegas and found The Voice Actors Studio. 

Before she found her path, she held quite a few interesting jobs, including biologist, pastry chef, and Twitch Streamer, but once she found TVAS, her fate was sealed. From the first moment she stepped into a booth and began her training, she knew she would never turn back. Voiceover is her passion and she is so happy that she gets to throw herself wholeheartedly into every project that she does!

Nowadays, her knowledge of voiceover genres has expanded far beyond just animation and allowed her to pursue her interests in the fascinating worlds of commercial, IVR/telephony, e-learning, and narration. She has spent time studying not only the performance techniques of voice over, but also the technical aspects, so troublesome tech will never slow her down! 

As her client, she wants you to know that she will always work hard, not only to provide you with exactly the sound you're looking for in a lightning fast turnaround time, but also to deliver it with a smile and make it a pleasant and happy experience for everyone! 

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